The 421st Battalion is a combat-ready unit.
Kylah ec

Master Kylah Onasi during Operation: Explosive Conflicts

Under the leadership of Commander Wade Reynells, Captain Zedd Ovredis, and Admiral Ceoh Onasi, the 421st has been deployed on a multitude of missions, including but not limited to Belsavis, Hutta, and Denova.

Operation TeamsEdit

Below are the members of the 421st Battalion's Operations Teams. These members and alternatives have reached an impressive level of training and have the necessary gear for deployment. Assignments are based off of the individual's skill set and needs for the squadron.


Aurek Squadron - Operations Team Besh Squaderon - Operations Team
Alternates - Tanks Alternates - Healers Alternates - DPS


This information was provided by Lieutenant Allysson, former Imperial Intelligence Officer, and Ka'lee Reynells, both former members of Tuk'ata. These individuals listed below are considered highly dangerous and enemies of the Republic.

Tuk'ata - Operations Team -
Alternates - Tanks Alternates - Healers Alternates - DPS

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