In the Republic, the Onasi family consists of direct decedents from the children of Grand Master Liana Suul and Admiral Carth Onasi, prominent figures during the Mandalorians Wars, the Jedi Civil War, and the Dark Wars, spanning between 3976 BBY and 3951 BBY. Their involvement in the Republic and the Jedi Order shaped the galaxy before, during, and after the three major conflicts. After the First Jedi Purge and the Sith Civil War, many Jedi had fallen in battle or to the Dark Side, including Jedi Council masters. Liana Suul re-established the Jedi Order (along with other Jedi survivors) and was appointed Grand Master.

Her first order of business was eliminating the Jedi Code that spoke to forbidden attachments, as Liana Suul believed it had been added to the code only to prevent the Exar Kun War from happening again, where Jedi families were pitted against each other, siblings and spouses meeting on the battlefield. Liana Suul believed that love strengthen a person, not harmed them. She also recognized that very few Jedi were left, and allowing attachments would also allow for new members to join the Order. Liana Suul married Carth Onasi shortly afterward, and they had one daughter named Carli--a composite of the names "Carth" and "Liana."

Three-hundred years later, the Onasi family continues to play a prominent role in Republic politics, the Jedi Order, and the Republic Military. Over the past three centuries, they have continuously served as senators, Jedi Knights, ambassadors, and high-ranking military officers. Republic military vessels have been named after members of the family, as well as libraries, archives, cities, and universities. The wealth and legacy the family has established, plus their continued involvement in all aspects of the Republic, has elevated the family to iconic status.

All information pertaining to the family legacy is located on Telos IV in the official Onasi Family archive. The information, mostly housed inside Jedi holocrons, documents the entire history of the family along with family traditions, such as naming decedents after Grand Master Suul and Admiral Onasi.

To continue the Onasi legacy, the Jedi Order long ago allowed Jedi members of the family to marry and have children, even though they have since reversed the policy on allowing attachments. They also allow Jedi members of the family to train their younger siblings or cousins, a mentoring style that Grand Master Suul firmly believed in. This special dispensation in granted only to the Onasi family and has been the topic of much debate for all Jedi Councils.

There were also two branches of the Onasi Family located in the Empire. One comprised of decedents from Master Suul and Admiral Onasi's son, and the other decendents from the admiral's son Dustil from his first marriage.

Onasi Family TreeEdit

                    Liana Suul-+-Carth Onasi-+-Morgana
                               |             |
                               |       Dustil Onasi (see Anatalis Legacy) 
                       |               |
                  Carli Onasi         Son (see Onasi Legacy, Imperial)
                       + (many [300 years] generations)             
                     |               |
            Honor-+-Kyle Onasi     Dasha Onasi-+-Orin Korr        
                  |                            |
                  |                 +--------------------------+------------+        
                  |                 |                          |            |    
Tharan Cedrax-+-Kylah Onasi  Ceoh Onasi-+-Rhayven Sano  Doc-+-Liana Onasi  Carlii
              |                         |                   |              Onasi  
        Satyne Onasi               Seeha Onasi        Archanna Onasi     
                                                            + (many [3000 years] 
                                                            | generations)
                                                       Raven Onasi


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