The Reynolds family is an old family that has lived on Dantooine for several centuries. They were there for the bombing of Dantooine, when the Exchange tried to take over one of the starting settlements, and now when they’re needed the most for the Republic. The Reynolds themselves are one big family lineage, and several have taken on different forms of their surnames mainly for enlisting in the Grand Army of the Republic, but sometimes for marriages to distance themselves from the rest of the family. These include, but not limit to, Reynold, Reynells, Reynalds, etc.

The Reynolds themselves own a large plot of land on Dantooine and tend to farming. Most of the children start working in the fields as young as age 8 in the summer months while schooling persists the rest of the year. By age 13, they suspend their training with farming to join the older kids and learn about hunting and survival, becoming warriors. By age 17, they may make the decision to return and help the farm or enlist in the Academy for the Grand Army of the Republic or the Grand Navy of the Republic. It is not all uncommon for the Jedi Order to visit the Reynolds, as some children do have the potential to become Jedi.

About Twenty years before the war with the Sith Empire, the Grand Army decided to make a new Task Force specifically for Dantooine, the 108th Battalion, and was led by Jedi Commander Ryken Reynolds. This would allow the Reynolds family to be stationed together and learn with each other as well as invite other members into the Battalion. By the time of the Cold War, the 108th Battalion broken down into Bantha Squadron, Wolfpack Squadron—a starfighter squadron led by Sergeant Wade Reynells, and Dragoon Squadron along with Task Force 218 defended Dantooine against the Sith Empire against overwhelming odds.

Although Jedi Commander Ryken Reynolds fell in combat, it was Wade that successfully led a strike team inside an Imperial Dreadnought and was able to destroy it from the inside. It was because of his leadership and bravery working with the small team that command transferred him to Havoc Squadron.

The rest of 108th Battalion returned to their normal duties, and another Jedi Commander Reynolds took over. Wolfpack did receive a new leader, but it was informed that Wade would return later to command them.


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