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The Hutt Cartel
421st Battalion

"You should be honored, Vao. I don't waste my time on easy targets." - Slicer

Slicer was a smuggler and computer slicer for the 421st Battalion during the Cold War. A former member of the Hutt Cartel, she sliced into the Resolute's mainframe, downloaded the contents of the computer banks including personal files, and planned on selling the information to the highest bidder. Her offer was intercepted by Mis'shen Vao and Zedd Ovredis, who set up a meeting posing as buyers.


Early LifeEdit

Most of Slicer's early life is unknown, due to her attempts at wiping her information from the holonet. Judging from her accent and the slang she uses in conversation, the members of the 421st Battalion assume she was from the outer rim.

Hutt CartelEdit

421st BattalionEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

SWTOR Class and SpecEdit

Slicer is a Scoundrel speced in the Sawbones tree.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

Slicer wears the Revered Chronicler's armor set dyed gray and purple to match her hair.


Also Seen InEdit

Star Wars: Overkill SquadEdit

Slicer is inspired by Raven Onasi, a d20 Rebellion Era campaign character who is a Force Sensitive slicer. She was a support character who preferred to slice computers instead of shooting Imperials.

Character Inspired ByEdit

Slicer is the Star Wars term used for computer hackers. It's also the code name given to Jaina Solo during the break-in at the Galactic Alliance Security Blockhouse to rescue Valin and Jysella Horn from their carbonite prison.

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